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They’re the REAL Heroes!

Empart’s trained field work­ers are the heart of all we do. Stu­dents spend time learn­ing in a Train­ing Cen­tre so that they are equipped to serve. The focus is on build­ing their char­ac­ter as well as prepar­ing them for life in the field.

Men and women are spe­cial­ly cho­sen for the role. Most don’t have for­mal edu­ca­tion so they are learn­ing how to study, as well as live away from home with their classmates. 

The stu­dents in each Cen­tre gen­er­al­ly come from dif­fer­ent cul­tur­al back­grounds. Liv­ing close­ly togeth­er with oth­ers who don’t share your lan­guage or expe­ri­ence takes some time to get used to, but their teach­ers guide, men­tor and encour­age them in their per­son­al walk and in their stud­ies. By the time they grad­u­ate they are a unit­ed group who have been well pre­pared for a pow­er­ful life of estab­lish­ing and grow­ing com­mu­ni­ties found­ed in love.

Tenac­i­ty and courage are two traits all our field work­ers have in com­mon. They under­stand the mean­ing of giv­ing up their own way, their com­fort and secu­ri­ty, and liv­ing their lives to serve others. 

Equip­ping ser­vant lead­ers is our core focus. With­out well trained, dis­ci­plined work­ers the goal to impact 100,000 com­mu­ni­ties will not be reached.

"Empart’s trained field workers are the heart of all we do."