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‘Your breakfast is served!’…(by elephants!)

Curios­i­ty can open hearts to the truth and doors to the miraculous.

This was the case for Jeet, a young boy whose curios­i­ty was sparked when he met a pas­tor preach­ing in the streets one day. From this moment, despite threats, oppo­si­tion and vio­lence from his fam­i­ly, Jeet’s curios­i­ty led him on a path of earnest­ly seek­ing truth. 

A dream that changed everything

After read­ing what he could and ask­ing ques­tions of the pas­tor, Jeet had a dream that changed his life for­ev­er. In the dream he was shown the two paths he could choose between. One was towards the per­son of truth, one towards an idol. 

He chose the path of truth, and was filled with peace and a hope for the future. 

But because of his bold choice, he was dri­ven out of his home by fam­i­ly. For two years he lived in anoth­er vil­lage, grow­ing in his knowl­edge of the truth, but aching because of the sev­ered rela­tion­ships with his family. 


One day, Jeet received news that his grand­fa­ther, the one whom had dri­ven him from home, was dying, and want­ed to see him one last time. So Jeet went to see him, shar­ing with him the truth he had been learn­ing and grow­ing in, and the hope he now had. 

He also prayed for him, and his grand­fa­ther was mirac­u­lous­ly healed and sent home from hos­pi­tal! Because of this, 18 mem­bers in the fam­i­ly joined Jeet in fol­low­ing the per­son of truth. After this, Jeet was wel­comed back home!

Because of their faith, the fam­i­ly had to move to a remote vil­lage. In this vil­lage they faced many chal­lenges, treat­ed as out­casts because of their beliefs. They were not allowed to use the com­mu­nal well, but had to trek through the jun­gle in pre­car­i­ous con­di­tions to source water. 

A des­per­ate cry 

One night, a bur­glar stole every­thing they had. They were left hun­gry and with noth­ing. Com­plete­ly help­less, Jeet called out to God, ask­ing if this is what they got for choos­ing to fol­low him. 

That night, the fam­i­ly heard a lot of noise out­side the house. They were afraid, think­ing it must be bur­glars again. 

Imag­ine their sur­prise and won­der when the next morn­ing they stepped out­side to find piles of fresh bananas in front of their door! There were so many they could feed them­selves and then sell the excess at the mar­kets for money! 

The fam­i­ly tried to find out who had brought them the bananas, but nobody from the vil­lage had. 

As they won­dered how the bananas had got­ten to them, they recog­nised the foot­prints of ele­phants lead­ing up to the door the house! God had heard their cry and deliv­ered an abun­dant sup­ply of bananas to their door, using ele­phants as the couriers! 

This is one of the many mir­a­cles God has done in my life!”, Jeet says with a big grin.

“This is one of the many miracles God has done in my life!”, Jeet says with a big grin.

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