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This East­er there are 973 new grad­u­ates (665 men and 308 women) prepar­ing to grad­u­ate from our Train­ing Cen­tres. Like Raju, they will be sent out to share His love in iso­lat­ed com­mu­ni­ties. They urgent­ly need your sup­port and prayer.

Chal­lenges in the field are grow­ing by the day. The envi­ron­ment is becom­ing more hos­tile. But the sto­ries of trans­formed lives con­tin­ue to increase. 

Our chal­lenge is to stand with those who are ready to go. Their job is to serve. But they need to pro­vide for them­selves, and their fam­i­lies too. With­out sup­port they may be dis­tract­ed from their call­ing, and less peo­ple will hear. 

You can make an eter­nal impact right now. You can enable these coura­geous men and women to serve in one of the most needy regions on earth.