Trip to the field: visiting a Tailoring Centre

On a recent trip with Empart, I loved get­ting to meet some of our heroes on the field. It was incred­i­bly hum­bling and inspir­ing to see how gen­uine they were, and how will­ing they were to sac­ri­fice so much for the mission. 

A high­light was vis­it­ing one of the Tai­lor­ing Cen­tres. The woman lead­ing it has a huge heart to go to the places and peo­ple that get over­looked by every­body else; some of the most down-trod­den peo­ple in society. 

She sees the beau­ty, val­ue, poten­tial and great­ness in them, speaks love and hope into their lives, and then gives them tan­gi­ble ways to cre­ate a bet­ter future for them­selves and their families. 

It was so beau­ti­ful see­ing the cre­ativ­i­ty being released because of this woman believ­ing in unlike­ly’ peo­ple… espe­cial­ly know­ing the process of cre­at­ing and learn­ing is bring­ing such deep heal­ing, hope and joy to women’s lives.

I believe when women are giv­en the keys to unlock their poten­tial and break out of the box­es that’ve restrict­ed them, they unlock a bet­ter future for their entire family. 

Once they catch the breath of hope, they give hope to their chil­dren. When their chil­dren are giv­en per­mis­sion to play, to learn, and to dream, the cycle of pover­ty begins to end. 

When we lift up women, we lift up entire communities. 

-Bon­nie Dowie

"When we lift up women, we lift up entire communities."