This is a pic­ture of a field of wheat, almost ready to har­vest. It’s a pic­ture of hard work, of learn­ing new farm­ing meth­ods, of nur­tur­ing the land. It’s a pic­ture of a vision to feed the com­mu­ni­ty, of believ­ing for an abun­dance that would over­flow to sup­port life-giv­ing projects all over the nation.

Yet after all the hard-work of prepar­ing the soil, plant­i­ng the seeds, water­ing, nour­ish­ing, pro­tect­ing from wild ani­mals as it grows; the truth is no one has the abil­i­ty to make it grow but our lov­ing Creator.

Isn’t it beau­ti­ful though, that He lets us co-labour with him? That he invites us into the process of plant­i­ng and watch­ing things grow?

What are you plant­i­ng? What has the Gar­den­er been prepar­ing the soil in your heart for? What are you watering? 

Be encour­aged today. The one who gave you the seed will be faith­ful to cause it to grow and pro­duce an abun­dant harvest.

"The one who gave you the seed will be faithful to cause it to grow and produce an abundant harvest."

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