At Empart, we are pas­sion­ate about rela­tion­ships. Our name itself speaks of what we val­ue most, bring­ing togeth­er the two words, empow­er­ing’ and part­ner­ship’.

Rela­tion­ships that empow­er both par­ties are at the core of all we do. Part­ner­ship. Co-labour­ing. Work­ing togeth­er. It’s how we roll! It’s who we are.

Staff cul­ture

This is the cul­ture we work hard to build and strength­en amongst the staff in the Empart offices. We cel­e­brate birth­days togeth­er, we pray togeth­er, we laugh togeth­er, we hang out together. 

It’s also how our incred­i­ble team on the field work. Rela­tion­ship first.

And of course, these core val­ues unite us togeth­er with our field coun­try and ensure all our oper­a­tions run smooth­ly and flow from gen­uine rela­tion­ship. There’s no top-down’ approach here, but a lot of lis­ten­ing and work­ing togeth­er, side-by-side.

Hav­ing this cul­ture of com­mu­ni­ty and con­nec­tion enables a strong foun­da­tion from where our core mis­sion can build from. Though some­times things might take a lit­tle more time, we know when things grow from rela­tion­ship, they will be sus­tain­able, and change will build on itself, car­ry­ing through the generations.

Part­ner­ship with you

It’s also a core val­ue with­in the way we work togeth­er with YOU, our faith­ful part­ners. We love real­ly know­ing who our part­ners are. We stop what we are doing and pray for you. We care about the dreams on your heart and want to cham­pi­on you in those.

We love it when you ring us for a chat. If we can be pray­ing for you today, let us know! 

And if you’d like to come and be a part of this Empart fam­i­ly, con­tact us today to chat about how you can be more involved! 

"We celebrate birthdays together, we pray together, we laugh together, we hang out together."
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