God gave Jossy the vision of 100,000 communities being transformed by 2030 through the power of the Good News.

Our Sto­ry

Our sto­ry begins in 1995 with Raju, a ragged boy from the slums, and the two hearts God cap­tured through his life. Jossy and Jen­ni Chacko met Raju while on their hon­ey­moon, and were so moved by his sto­ry they invit­ed him to join them on the rest of their travels.

Raju had no knowl­edge of his past, no fam­i­ly or rel­a­tives, and had lived his life in sur­vival mode, suf­fer­ing abuse and wit­ness­ing unimag­in­able hor­rors. Jossy and Jen­ni were deeply dis­turbed by some of the things he shared, yet cap­ti­vat­ed by his wis­dom, street-smarts and hope­ful dreams for the future.

After return­ing home, Jossy and Jen­ni strug­gled to return to nor­mal’. Some­thing had shift­ed in their hearts. Jossy no longer felt so dri­ven by his career, and he soon made a trip back to the field. Dur­ing his trip, he vis­it­ed a vil­lage where no one had ever heard the Good News. He wit­nessed peo­ple mak­ing extreme sac­ri­fices in hopes of escap­ing the spir­i­tu­al dark­ness they lived in, with no guid­ance to the Truth.

I real­ized some­thing mon­u­men­tal… I had always thought peo­ple lived in pover­ty because they made bad choic­es – that it was their fault. This meant it wasn’t my respon­si­bil­i­ty to fix their prob­lems. I’d nev­er had any real under­stand­ing of their world. Raju opened my eyes to see they were peo­ple just like me. They had emo­tions, just like me. They had desires and aspi­ra­tions, just like me.” 

- Jossy

With his heart now ful­ly open and sur­ren­dered, God gave Jossy the vision to trans­form 100,000 com­mu­ni­ties by 2030 through the pow­er of the Good News. Jen­ni and Jossy both resigned their jobs to give every­thing to the mis­sion, and Empart offi­cial­ly launched in 1998.

Start­ing with a core team of five, today there are thou­sands of indige­nous work­ers lay­ing down their lives to ful­fil the mis­sion. With new com­mu­ni­ties start­ed each day, there are now 38,547 trans­formed com­mu­ni­ties since 1998! We have so many part­ners who have joined our sto­ry in Aus­tralia, USA, Cana­da, Switzer­land, Ger­many, France, Aus­tria and the Unit­ed Kingdom.

The work con­tin­ues to gain momen­tum day by day. Will you become part of the story??